Cleveland City Planning GIS Screenshot Tutorial

Tutorial 1:

Step One:  Go to this website and select your monitor size.  A page like the one below will come up. 

Step Two:  You can search by either address, parcel number, or intersection.  For this example, we will do an address search. As such, click "Locate Address/Parcel."

Step Three:  After clicking "Locate Address/Parcel," a pop-up will pop-up, prompting you to fill in the address or parcel number.  Hit search.

Step Four:  This search will provide real cursory information as seen below.  Click "Map this feature."

Step Five:  The "Map this feature" button will in fact map the address, as well as provide important information like neighborhood, parcel number, council person, city planner, and a hyperlink to the county auditor's site.  Click on "County Auditor's Information.""

Step Six:  After clicking "County Auditor's Information," a new window from the county auditor's page will open with a map of the area.  The parcel will be tagged with an orange dot.  To determine ownership, click "General Information."

Step Seven:  The "General Information" page will provide ownership details.  With any luck, the property will be in the Cleveland Landbank or owned by a bank wanting to rid themselves of the property.  In this example, the property is in the Landbank and may be available for lease or purchase.

Tutorial 2:

Step One:  An additional feature of Cleveland's GIS as it pertains to urban ag is "Layer Control" to map out landbank properties.  Click "Layer Control."

Step Two:  After clicking "Layer Control" a pop-up will open.  Put a check in the "Landbank" box and click the "Refresh" button.

Step Three:  The "Landbank" layer will fill all the landbank properties with the color pink.  From here, you can zoom in or out, move north, east, south or west via the arrows, or click the "Identify" to find out a property's information.

If you find a property that you'd like to buy or lease, there is an application to do so. It can be found on this City of Cleveland's webpage:

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